Private label manufacturing

With its flexibility and competitive prices, NOESIS is one of your best options in Europe!


Private labelmanufacturing

With its flexibility and competitive prices, NOESIS is one of your best options in Eastern Europe!


Private label manufacturing

We offer production of cosmetic products under private brand or private label

We offer private label manufacturing of cosmetic and personal care products. In addition we can offer a complete development of bespoke cosmetic product as well as provide our own already made formulas available to you.

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How to produce your own brand of personal care products?

Perhaps you are wondering how to produce your own brand of beauty products or personal care products? Do you have a business idea in the field of cosmetics and want them to develop your unique product? Do you have a running business and are you looking for ready-made formulas for your products? Do you have your own brand and brand identity, but do not have a production facility?

We are here to bring your idea to life and create your products!

NOESIS LTD, produces private label products for individuals and companies. Our team consists of experienced specialists with many years of experience and experience in the cosmetics industry. Our strengths are the development of new products and formulas, developed on strategies for the successful business of our partners and the production of cosmetics. We are a Bulgarian manufacturer with a modern vision and business planning. We will be with you from the very beginning, namely the level of idea for a cosmetic product, planning and production, until its launch on the market.

Our factory is equipped with modern automated production, suitable for both small and larger batches. we operate under GMP certificate, strictly complying with all ISO22716 standards.

We at NOESIS care about the quality of the raw materials we work with, that’s why we have chosen the most reliable suppliers and leading companies in the production of raw materials for the cosmetics industry.

As a modern Bulgarian cosmetics manufacturer, we strive to meet market demand. most of the products we deal with have COSMOS, ORGANIC, ECOCERT, NaTrue and other globally recognized certificates.

Our strength is also the production of natural products, we follow the only independent international standard for natural products in cosmetics, namely ISO (International Organization for Standardization). According to the ISO16128 standard, we can make natural products for you with a naturalness rate of 50% and more.

How can we assist you in your private label cosmetic brand, quickly and efficiently?

  • Rebrand an existing product with your new brand;
  • Creating a formula for a new product to your specifications;
  • Flexibility regarding production batches;
  • Manufacturing of products for hotels, spas and massage studios;
  • Documentation including product dossier (PIF) and safety assessment (CPSR) prepared by a licensed expert;
  • Notification in the European portal of cosmetic products (CPNP portal);
  • Microbiological analyses, quality tests, tolerance tests, UV tests for products with a sun protection factor;
  • Raw materials supplied from recognisable manufacturers with guaranteed quality;
  • Choose from a wide range of packs and cuts;
  • Providing labels according to the biggest trends in printing;
  • Packaging options with a focus on environmental protection;
  • Design and creative team to dress your idea in a beautiful and modern look and turn it into a recognisable brand;
  • Creation of advertising materials and tools related to your cosmetic business venture;
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Frequently asked questions and what you should know about private label manufacturing

Yes, anyone can make their own cosmetic brand as long as they have a clear idea and concept of how things should happen. With a clear and precise concept of the products you want to produce, we are the right partners to carry out your task precisely and accurately.

In order to embark on private label business venture, it is highly recommended to have a registered company. In this way, you will be able to safely start your business, ensuring that your products are legally launched on the market and notified on the CPNP portal.

These two concepts are often confused. In short and in the most general case, private label is the development and production of products where the contracting company has its own already developed formulation or wishes to develop an individual one. In these cases, the customer has complete freedom in choosing the packaging, aroma, active ingredients, label and all other components that make the product unique. We at NOESIS can provide formulation development of a cosmetic product as well as other design services.

White label is an option for the customer to use our already developed and approved product with only the label design and content is customisable. Sometimes other small changes are acceptable, but this is individual.

We will gladly manufacture products that have already been developed by competent technologists. For a formulation to go into production, a product dossier (with all required information inside) and safety assessment must be provided.

First, you need to have a clear idea of the product you want to sell and properly target the market group you are aiming for. You need to register your company in case you don’t already have one. You have to carefully research all market trends and point out your unique selling points. At this stage you might need to define the key ingredients for your formulation if you still don’t have one. You should pay special attention to the market regulations and local authorities, since you will be probably the responsible person as your contact details will be placed on the label. Next you have to estimate the quantities you will need, since this will be requested of the manufacturer. After that you should find the right manufacturer, ideally situated nearby you. In case of smaller quantities (less than 50,000 pcs) you should avoid the largest and most famous manufacturers and focus on small boutique companies like NOESIS, who will pay special attention to your private label project.

Not necessarily. Our team is made up of professionals with many years of experience in the cosmetics industry, so you can trust us to create a product formulation of your dreams. However if you already have developed formulation, you can provide it to us with confidentiality guaranteed by NDA.

Generally yes, but this is a question with an ambiguous answer. Usually, in order for a formulation to be validated, it has undergone a series of tests for stability and such. Some products can be reformulated, but everything is tied to repeated resistance tests, because even changing the aroma would be a prerequisite for the instability of an already ready formulation.

The registration of a cosmetic product in the EU is actually not a registration, but a notification. This service is performed by a competent person and fortunately, we at NOESIS can assist in facilitating this process. The responsible party is the company that is printed on the product label. This is the person responsible as a contact for future commercial opportunities and inquiries arising regarding the product at a regulatory level. The responsible person must responsibly store the product documentation (PIF and CPSR) at their address and also response in time to local regulatory authorities.

We have a large range of packaging available in our warehouse, as well as many catalogs from which you will be able to choose the most suitable packaging for your private label cosmetic product.

We have a variety of packaging options for your private label project. However, often, the color preferences of a particular customer are met with an increased amount of the respective packaging. This is because our packaging suppliers have a minimum order quantities for custom coloured items. The good news is that we are able to store the remaining quantity of the packages in our warehouse for your next order.

Our vision is focused on environmental protection and non-renewable resources. We emphasise the purest ingredients of natural origin and certificates. We are able to provide various sustainable packaging solutions for your products with attention to and in the interest of the environment and nature. Some green options are sugar cane, PLA, PCR and other sustainable alternatives to the traditional plastic.

Yes, we allow our customers to supply their own packaging for their private label project.

Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to fill low viscosity liquid products (water type), medium viscosity products (shampoos, shower gels and hair conditioners) and higher viscosity products such as hair masks, body lotions and face creams. The sizes we can use start from 15ml to 1 litre. Our production lines are modern and reliable. Please note that we are not capable of filling tubes, waxes, aerosols, lipsticks and some other type of cosmetic products.

Yes, you can, but you have to know that we at NOESIS has established strong relationships with the most prestigious European and global suppliers of raw materials in the cosmetics industry. In cases where the client wishes to provide its own raw material, they must have all the necessary analyses and certificates guaranteeing its safety and quality needed. Every raw material entering our warehouse passes through a quarantine area, according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), after which it is tested and checked by our specialists. The raw material must be of uncompromising quality, guaranteed to be decontaminated and accompanied by the necessary documentation. We are not responsible for damages caused by poor quality raw materials supplied by the customer.

Yes, your product CAN be natural (based on ISO 16128), but it CANNOT be organic, since this claim needs further certification.

This matter is sensitive at the level of regulations, which is why we would suggest discussing with you the possible claims for the product you want. Basically, you can’t claim anything that can’t be proven or you don’t have rights to claim.